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Character Creation

After downloading and installing the game, you will see a title screen similar to the one above. Click REGISTER to begin.

You will be prompted to pick a username, email and password. Your username will not be your character name, rather your account name, so be sure to pick one you will remember.

You will next be asked to create your character! Pick a name, choose your class (clan) and change the gender of your character if you wish. Click CREATE when finished...

Congrats! You've successfully joined Age of the Four Clans! Have fun and check out our Getting Started Guide for more on getting around on the continent of Laurasia!

The Four Clans

The four Raptor clans are a diverse lot, each with their own characteristics and abilities. Which clan will you choose to join?

Lightwalkers are a sect of highly intelligent Raptors who take on the role of warrior class. They are fair minded and have always sought peace between the tribes. Their magicks are typically based on hard-hitting earth spells and they sometimes wear tough hides as armor.

Bloodfuries are the largest clan of Raptors, these fast and nimble creatures are the rogues and assassins of Raptor society. Some practice fire magick and most like to adorn themselves with feathers and light armor decoration.

The Spectres

Spectres are mysterious Raptors who are well-versed in magick. They are natural healers and warlocks, calling on nature spells to do their bidding. Some fashion armor from the bones of their enemies, which they believe grants the wearer with further power.

Deathclaw are large Raptor brutes who believe themselves to be kings among the other clans. Deathclaws use their great strength and powerful ice magicks to great effect. Some even fashion and wear heavy armor made of stone. Their home and their kind were nearly completely destroyed in the meteor strike known as The World Shattering. Players will not be able to select Deathclaw as a class initially, but there may be ways to become one, in game...

The Deathclaw

The Lightwalkers

The Bloodfuries

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