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The World of Laurasia

The World Map

Laurasia is a continent covered by vast deserts with a lightly varied climate and geography. The Raptor clans occupy all corners of the landscape fit to inhabit.


Central Laurasia is home to the Lightwalkers. As it boasts the mildest climate, Raptors from all the clans have been known to make their homes there. The Laurasia Port is the largest hub.


To the east, the forest-island of Tethys is the home of the Spectres. To the West is Iza'Nagi, a volcanic land where the Bloodfury clan is situated.


Inns: You can visit the Innkeeper in some hubs and set your home-point to that location.


Apothecaries: Apothecary houses sell potions and reagents. They also provide healing to anyone who enters.


Guildhouses: These are houses where you can learn about making a guild, utilize meeting rooms and buy guild-specific items.


Arenas: In the arenas, you can take on various challenges for special arena prizes.


Class Trainers: Various class trainers set up shop throughout Laurasia to teach class-specific skills and sell weapons and other items to students.

Noteworthy NPCs

Innkeeper: These Raptors tend the Inns of the villages and hubs throughout Laurasia. Talk to them to set your home location.


Warpmaster: Spectres who specialize in the dealings of the world beyond who have mastered space-time travel will be able to send you to different locations throughout the world.


Guildmaster & Keymaster: These Raptors are custodians of the Guildhouses. They can sell you guild-specific items, rent a meeting room or teach you about guilds.


Apothecary: These are Spectres who have mastered the art of mixing potions and remedies to aid healing and mana management.

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