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Download A4C!

Our Public Test Realm and Open Beta will be available January 31, 2018!

Age of the Four Clans is under (re)development, but you'll soon have access to our Public Test Realm (PTR)! We are fully loaded with exciting new features! Come and play as we program!

We have enjoyed 86.7% uptime during Alpha. This should significantly increase as we approach the release version. Regular maintenance will be performed on Wednesdays and the game will be offline during that time.

The A4C client is currently available for Windows only, but this will change as we near the full version. Mac, Android, and browser-based versions of the game are on our to-do list!

Age of the Four Clans logo plus dinosaur

Getting an Error from the Updater? Try This!

Some users have reported that the A4C game updater is crashing before launching the software. If you are experiencing this error, try the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the place where you extracted the file

  2. Open the 'data' folder

  3. Locate the 'Intersect Client.exe' application

  4. Right-click Intersect Client.exe and select 'Run as Administrator' from the menu

Hopefully, this will resolve your issue! We are working on fixing this problem, in future releases!


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