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Getting Started

Getting Around the World

A4C's 2D world offers loads of areas open for discovery within the MMO. You move your dinosaur character across the map using the directional arrows or WASD keys on your keyboard.


As you get around the world, you will encounter enemies, other players and NPCs whom you can attack or interact with. You do both by clicking the E key. You can also use the mouse to click an NPC or player to target them. This is necessary for casting some spells from a distance.


Items and currency will sometimes be found on the ground, dropped by an enemy or otherwise laying about waiting to be picked up. You do this by standing overtop the item and pressing the Space Bar.


Age of the Four Clans moving a dinosaur


Age of the Four Clans interacting in game


Age of the Four Clans picking up an item
Age of the Four Clans combat

Engaging enemies in combat is accomplished by targeting them and pressing the E key. Targeting is as easy as standing next to the enemy and hitting the E key while facing them. You may also use the mouse to target an enemy by left-clicking on it.


In combat, you must press the E key to perform each attack, or you may use a spell from your spellbook. Targeting using the mouse to click a far away enemy is beneficial for spells that allow you some distance between enemies such as the Bloodfuries' Fireball and Meteoric Cascade.

Levelling Up
Age of the Four Clans levelling up

When you defeat enough enemies or otherwise get enough experience points, you will level-up. Upon levelling, you will get points to distribute into the five different stats.


Opening the character control panel will allow you to add these points to the stat(s) of your choice. Note that once stats have points added to them the effect cannot be undone.

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