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Mapping, Arena Games and More!

A big portion of what we're doing right now involves getting the backdrops and maps for the game together, as well as the workings on little "extras" like arena games and more. With most of the big programming chores done, it's now time to get the look and feel of the environments down.

This isn't always a process which goes smoothly.

Nevertheless, it's always the most fun. I personally threw together 30 some maps which ended up getting scrapped before we reached the point we're at now. I don't think I would have had the patience to redo them all if I wasn't enjoying the process.

The Arenas are another interesting feature the game has. We wanted to put some games within the game, and work within the confines of the engine without messing too much with the core programming. Thankfully, Skywyre is pretty powerful and perhaps more importantly, quite stable, so we were able to come up with a few ideas for entertaining and perhaps even competitive play by just mucking about with event utilities.

To wrap, things are coming along well, and we hope you're enjoying the behind-the-scenes look at it all so far!

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