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A4C Story & Features List

I thought this would be an ideal place to introduce the story and features of the game... so without further ado...

STORY The four Raptor clans of the ancient Earth always held an uneasy alliance with one another. After a meteor devastated the Deathclaw Clan and unleashed strange creatures upon the planet, truces were made in order to find answers and return the world to order. The slime, a bizarre life form which oozed forth from the impact site, quickly spread to all corners of Laurasia, mutating native species and trashing the delicate ecology everywhere it appeared - threatening a mass extinction of all life on Earth. You take on the role of a Raptor, choosing one of three clans as your starting "class".


The Lightwalkers - A sect of highly intelligent Raptors who take on the role of warrior class. They are fair minded and have always sought peace between the tribes. Their magicks are typically based on hard-hitting earth spells and they sometimes wear tough hides as armor. The Bloodfuries - The largest clan of Raptors, these fast and nimble creatures are the rogues and assassins of Raptor society. Some practice fire magick and most like to adorn themselves with feathers and light armor decoration. The Spectres - These are mysterious Raptors who are well-versed in magick. They are natural healers and warlocks, calling on nature spells to do their bidding. Some fashion armor from the bones of their enemies, which they believe grants the wearer with further power. The Deathclaw - Large Raptor brutes who believe themselves to be kings among the other clans. Deathclaws use their great strength and powerful ice magicks to great effect. Some even fashion and wear heavy armor made of stone. Their home and their kind were nearly completely destroyed in the meteor strike known as The World Shattering. Players will not be able to select Deathclaw as a class initially, but there may be ways to become one, in game... FEATURES

  • A vast array of character customization options

  • Weapons/armor your character wears when equipped (paperdoll system)

  • Many classes to branch into - "Hidden" classes as well

  • Recipe/Crafting systems to create items

  • Arena games and rewards for playing them

  • Quest systems to keep you going in a group or solo

And more as we create!

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