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That Took A Lot of Class...

I'm here to report that we've finally managed the seemingly endless task of arranging, designing and programming the class-branching events. Holy cow-asauruses!

One of the things that set earlier social/questing MMOs apart, in this dev's mind at least, was the ability to further customize your character as your progressed in-game. I remember playing hours upon hours of Ragnarok Online just to gain the ability to change my character's clothes. In retrospect, I might better have used that time to program. Oh well!

As things stand right now, here's the hierarchy of classes which will be attainable to A4C players after reaching Level 25 in Beta (Opening August 31!):

Lightwalker (1st tier) :

  • Master Lightwalker (Laurasia Trainer)

  • Lightfury (Iza'Nagi Trainer)

  • Lightshaman (Tethys Trainer)

Bloodfury (1st tier) :

  • Master Bloodfury (Iza'Nagi Trainer)

  • Bloodmystic (Tethys Trainer)

  • Bloodwarden (Laurasia Trainer)

Spectre (1st tier) :

  • Master Spectre (Tethys Trainer)

  • Spectremonk (Laurasia Trainer)

  • Spectrelisk (Iza'Nagi Trainer)

Stay tuned, as we'll have more on branching into new classes in the coming weeks!

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