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Bosses and More!

We've been a little quiet lately as we continue to roll toward Beta, but rest assured, things are on schedule and we're excited to unveil some awesome new content by month's end!

As you can see in the image above, bosses will be a big part of the game. Some will be instances you'll encounter randomly, while others will be part of the bigger storyline. We're also offering a "Boss Rush" feature that'll allow you and friends to go back and challenge bosses for extra shells and epic loot via the arenas.

At this point, our hope is that A4C's 2.0b release coincides with the release of the next incarnation of Intersect (4.x), which will offer substantially robust features such as an even better chat/friend system, movable GUI and multi-character support, but even if it doesn't, we're prepared to have a ton of great stuff readily available. That said, our list of features continues to grow and now includes:

  • Epic boss battles and Boss Rush arena event.

  • New character models allowing you to customize the look of your Raptor.

  • Multi-character support.

  • Movable GUI.

  • Better/easier to read text.

Along with our already announced list of features:

  • Major map locations such as Tethys and Iza'Nagi will become accessible!

  • The ability to level up into a branched class system -- in other words, new classes will finally be available!

  • New abilities and spells will be available to train as you level!

  • Wild storyline integration has appeared! Travel the world of A4C and interact with NPCs who will reveal to you the underlying story of the game.

  • The beginnings of a robust quest system will be online!

  • More shop/drop items for your character to wear and equip!

  • Plus more!

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