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Working With Maps

This week we've been polishing the tilesets our maps use. We wanted A4C to have a "painted" feel to its backgrounds, but in making them so very customized, we sometimes don't allow them the potential to "play well" with other tiles around them. Still, simplicity reigns here at EVOLV, so as we create, we try to incorporate a system that will be low on the memory consumption. That means sprites, tiles, etc have to be reusable, at least to a certain extent. Hence cleanup must commence.

You will probably have noticed we've added a world map to our game guide this week. For a while, we've been playing with a bare-bones map which just basically tells us which direction and which section of that direction to place things as we program. Now that our artists have fleshed it out a bit, those of us doing the programming have had to stick to it, which is less a pain in the tail than I make it out to be. Also, you may be interested to know that there's a downloadable/printable version of that map available to our Patreon supporters. Get in on that if you haven't yet, and get access to Beta for just a $1.00, or Alpha in January for $5.00. So that's it for now. Keep enjoying the site updates - we'll see you soon!

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