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Handling the Setbacks

This week, there is much programming to get done. We've successfully ported ourselves over to a new server, but something went haywire with the VB6 installation on our main editing machine. Hence, mucking about with the source code has been at a standstill. I'm confident we'll resolve the issue, and even if we don't, there are only minor things to do in that regard, so I haven't lost sleep over it.

Meanwhile, work on sprites and class advancements continue. The game will be set up in such a way that, once you hit level 25, you will have a chance to alter the course of your character's talents a bit. A Lightwalker may choose to continue the Lightwalker clan path and become a Lightwarrior, for example. However, he may decide to delve into the fire magicks of the Bloodfuries and become a hybrid class - the Lightrogue.

We are making these classes something automatic, but training in different magicks as you hit levels along the way will also be offered in a limited capacity.

Really excited for this content, despite hitting a few snags every now and again!

#development #features

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