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We're Making Caves!

...and other cool things, of course!

One of the big projects this week has been to get the Tethys Caverns up and running. We're hoping to make this a big questing area with some dangerous tricks and traps... Oh, and I think it fair to mention that unlike the screencap above, you will be in the dark for most of it!

To that end, consideration has been put in place to add some exceptionally creepy enemies - like Cruel Raptor Spirits who haunt unlucky visitors during the night "hours" of the game. I thought this would be a good place to give a general overview of our night system, for that reason.

Some people have voiced concern that there will be problems accessing the full game content (spawns, mostly) which are day/night specific, as they will only be available to play during the day or nighttime hours. Fear not! A4C's clock runs at a much more rapid pace than that of real-world time systems (roughly 2 real seconds = 1 game-minute, or 48 real minutes per game-day). That means you'll be able to enjoy day and night content several times within the span of a single hour! As stated, we have monsters that run at only certain points in the game's time, and these drop specialty items, too! You might find yourself returning to areas you've already visited so that night-time drops can be explored!

Beyond all that, work continues with monsters, content and quests! Stay tuned!

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